Here We Go Again

Obviously worried tonight, as Gustav appears to be making a beeline for Louisiana. Everyone is gearing up here, buying supplies, gassing up vehicles, and making evacuation plans (rooms are booked to Dallas and Memphis I hear). Sad, but we know the routine.

Despite Jindal's attempt at a comforting press conference this afternoon I'm not entirely convinced that things are under control at the state and federal level. We'll see of course. Unfortunately, for people who have no other means for escape, "we'll see" takes on a whole new meaning. From what I hear evacuations will start on Saturday. Supposed to be 700 buses and umpteen trains waiting to get everyone out.

As for myself, I plan to ride out the storm. We are on high ground this time (unlike my situation during Katrina), and there are no trees in the immediate vicinity to land on my house. The worst part is always the uncertainty, and of course...the waiting.


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