By Any Means Necessary

Via The Daily Kingfish and The Baton Rouge Advocate, Governor PBJ let an executive order protecting gay and lesbians in the workplace die yesterday. Originally enacted under Edwin Edwards, allowed to lapse by Mike Foster, it was signed again by Kathleen Blanco in 2004. Jindal's justification was that "State and federal law already prohibits discrimination". Well, here's the thing - the law actually doesn't protect gay rights in the workplace as written - that was the whole point of the addition. "I don’t think it is necessary to create additional special categories or special rights," Jindal said. Of course he doesn't. That would affect the client base of Exorcists like himself who think homosexuality is a result of demon infestation. And we must be able to deal with those pesky demons, mustn't we?

Louisiana Family Forum is a group that seeks to “persuasively present biblical principles” in political and other issues. During the campaigns last year, the group’s leaders told Jindal and some legislators running for office, how disappointed they were in Blanco for signing the executive order, said Gene Mills of Baton Rouge, the group’s executive director.

“Gov. Jindal comes from a different mindset, understanding the damage that this potentially poses to children and to the economy. He decided not to re-up that executive order but to simply let it sunset,” Mills said.

What is wrong with you people? Seriously. How can you possibly have the balls to stand up with a straight face and claim that homosexuality is a danger to your children? All these people want to do is live their lives in peace like the rest of us, without fear of being fired for no reason other than who they go home with at night. That is none of your business. NONE. OF. YOUR. BUSINESS.

As for economic impact? You're damned right it will have economic impact, because well-educated, productive, highly-trained people who would ordinarily consider Louisiana as a place to move to will now stay away because they have no job protection under state civil rights laws. But hey, we don't need any more intellectuals around here, do we? What a mistake that would be.

Jindal said he feared Blanco’s executive order interfered with “faith-based” groups that partner with the state. For instance, the state Department of Health and Hospitals contracts with religious groups that provide biblically based treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

Under the federal civil rights act, which forbids discrimination in many public and private agencies, religious groups are allowed to pick and choose their associations. Because of that ability, many faith-based groups feared the Blanco order could preclude them from being paid for the services provided to the state.

“I do worry about them and they have expressed concerns,” Jindal said.

Excuse me, I have to go throw up now.


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