Still Here

We made it through Gustav with nary a scratch, thank goodness. We were without power for two days, but that is a minor inconvenience compared with some of the things that happened in this area - lots of people have trees slicing through their roofs, and a few parishes still have no water or power. Hopefully, help will be forthcoming a little more quickly this time.

In the meantime, I've been perusing the internets buzz lately about the GOP Veep nominee, Sarah Palin. Turns out she's as bad as I figured James Dobson's choice would be, with the added insult that the Republican party thought it would be clever to nominate a woman because Hillary's supporters just wanted a female, right? The politics don't matter much. Yeah, ok. Idiots. Gloria Steinem says it very well in a LA Times opinion piece here.

Anyway, you know I love Jon Stewart, so to rev up your outrage while laughing your ass off check out his little segment on Republican hypocrisy.


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