Remembering the Day

Do you remember what you were doing August 29, 2005? Did you go to work as usual that day? Shop for groceries? Bring your kids to soccer practice? Maybe you had a fight with your spouse, or got pissed off in traffic. You probably don't remember, do you?

I remember what I did that day. I cried. I cried a lot. I cried for my friends, my family, the home I had left behind. I sat, evacuated, and wept for those who couldn't evacuate, and I watched as they slowly drowned when the water came into their houses faster than they could escape. I cried until there was nothing left, until I was just a shell of a human being, until I passed out from exhaustion.

Remember New Orleans. Remember Louisiana. Remember that we are still not recovered, still not where we were, or where we should be. Remember those who died, and those who were never able to come home. Remember that as human beings, as Americans, it is our obligation to help one another, to love one another, and to share concern for one another.

I will never forget.

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