Who Watches the Watchers?

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Check out this article in Wired Magazine about photographer Trevor Paglen, who has an exhibition coming up at the University of California Berkeley Art Museum. Trevor's unusual niche is photographing the things we aren't supposed to know about - in this case secret spy satellites. He meticulously researches, searches for, and then photographs the eyes in the sky as they pass over, and his collection of photos is both beautiful and mildly disturbing. We know they're there, but we don't like to think about them, you know? From the article:

Satellites are just the latest in Paglen's photography of supposedly nonexistent subjects. To date, he's snapped haunting images of various military sites in the Nevada deserts, "torture taxis" (private planes that whisk people off to secret prisons without judicial oversight) and uniform patches from various top-secret military programs.

Trevor's work is political, to be sure, and that's what I like about it. It's good to be reminded of all the things our government doesn't want to talk about.


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