In the spirit of last night's big fat juicy primaries, the results of which seem to indicate that the fat lady has yet to sing, I thought I'd offer up the following:

As a follow-up to a recent post I did on the congressional records of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, here is another good article I found recently in Mother Jones comparing the two on Economic issues. While MJ does a good job of parsing out both candidates' official economic blueprints, they seem to go out of their way to balance their endorsement of Clinton and Obama, giving each fairly equal kudos but not much criticism beyond calling them on a few hazy points. What concerns me personally is a more in-depth look at how their big fine "blueprints" will be put into practice. Of course, the elephant in the corner is the Iraq War, which is siphoning off HUGE sums of money, and its home-grown bastard child, the skyrocketing deficit. Neither of the candidates plans mentioned much in the way of the current economic crises beyond a quick stop-gap for the housing/subprime disaster.

It would seem to me that although the issues they raise are important, and certainly noble, the first economic problem the new President will face is dealing with the GIANT SUCKING HOLE of Recession we seem to be sliding into. The entire bloody mess, from Iraq to the price of fuel to the rising cost of living and the impending credit meltdown will have to be dealt with firmly, decisively, and immediately.

So, my question to Hillary and Barack is, exactly how do you plan to shovel Bush's shit?


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