As part of an earlier post about current threats to Americans' right to privacy, I mentioned the FBI's Terror Watch List, which at the time included roughly 860,000 people. Now, according to a new website launched by the ACLU, that number has grown to an astonishing 918,000. Yes, that's right, there are almost one million suspected terrorists try to fly around America right now. Holy shit! Could they blow up one million buildings? Bridges? Schools? And they're insidious too, those terrorists, sneaky and clever. According to the Watch List, children and infants are included - do you think they're planning to blow up elementary schools and day cares, like some twisted Little Rascals terror cell?

Wow, am I glad the American government has an efficient and logical way to track potential terrorist movement in and out of the country. Thank goodness we live in a place where ordinary citizens are protected, and not treated like criminals whenever they try to board a plane. And whew, what a relief in this time of economic crises to know that our tax dollars are not being wasted on security measures that have no hope of ever providing any sort of security! Yeah Bush! (Jesus, how many more days do we have?)


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