Get Your Obama Fix!

My fellow blogger The Field Negro calls us Obamaholics: people who think the good Senator from Illinois is nigh unto the second coming. He may be right, but when you wander around in a pitch black cave for 8 years and are veritably starving for light, you'll run like hell in the direction of the nearest illumination. So, call it what you will, I'm all about the O-Man these days. In that vein, I started looking for ways to work on the campaign, and found a few links across the 'net to get you started. I thought I'd post them here so all you raging Obamaholics out there can get your fix:

The Official Barack Obama Campaign Website
Related to the official site, a social networking area for Obamaholics to hook-up and join discussion groups, set-up fundraising and campaign events, and find others in your area who are on the bandwagon.

The Official Barack Obama MySpace Profile
Get MySpace buttons and tags to show your support

The Official Louisiana Barack Obama MySpace Profile

The U.S. Senate Page

The Twitter Profile
Keep up with Obama's campaign stops and appearances

OpenCongress Profile
Information about the good Senator's voting record (with both specific bills and voting trends), committee assignments, and RSS Feeds of some of the more popular Obama blogs


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