Ethics Reform (Yeah Right)

Well, here we go. I said earlier I'd give Bobby Jindal enough rope to hang himself with, and he's started right out of the gate paying out line. You know, you'd think that if your entire campaign message was based around "Ethics Reform" you'd at least get settled comfortably in office and make a few speeches before the sludge started seeping out of your shoes. Apparently though, there's a lot of sludge to be had.

While running for governor, Jindal accepted $118,000 from the state Republican party and then "forgot" to disclose that money on his campaign finance filings. Later on, when he was caught, his staff vowed to simply pay the maximum $2500 fine that may have resulted from an investigation in the interest of "moving on" (that's a direct quote). Now, the Louisiana State Ethics Board has a little bit to say about that. No, you may not simply pay the maximum fine and avoid an investigation. Everyone, yes EVERYONE, must follow the rules - try THAT for ethics. Jindal's office is not happy, because the Ethics Board says an investigation will take months.

Now, what makes me wonder is - why does this bother Jindal? If you are such an ethical person, simply respect the rule of law, allow the investigation to run it's course, and hold a press conference at the end to make sure everyone knows you were found innocent of everything except a little boo boo in the accounting department. Or....what? What are you afraid of? That maybe the investigation will find something else?

Note to the new governor: You're starting to look like a hypocrite already.


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